Long-Tailed Bat Suitable Habitat Analysis

Pekapeka-Tou-Roa Suitability Analysis in Aorangi Forest Park

Identifying suitable roosting locations for the native Long-Tailed Bats within Aorangi Forest Park & surrounding environment.

Using publicly available databases, the roosting locations of the rare native bat species can be tracked down, to aid researchers in where to set up monitoring equipment.

Hotel Conference Map - Denver

A detailed reference map for potential guests attending a conference and staying at two hotels in downtown Denver. The map serves as a guide for the attendees to walk between events held at the Grand Hyatt and Hyatt House, along with highlighting local venues and restaurants.

The main focus when designing this map was to keep a comfortable balance between elements used for spatial reference and the needs of the audience, being business travelers. The city of Denver provides a detailed Open Data Catalog that supplied all the original shapefiles and data. The entire image was made with ArcGIS Pro, utilizing ESRI's robust tool set for cartographic precision.

This project was featured in the 2020 CU Denver GIS Day Gallery

Animated COVID-19 Infection Rate Map

Animated Products

Being able to accurately display data over a period of time or adding kinetic elements to spatial data.

Being able to reach a wider audience through an animated medium can be useful when displaying important information.

Family Travel Atlas of Ouray, CO

Harnessing the amount of detail and precision that can be achieved with widely available GIS software, such as ESRI's ArcGIS Pro, allows anyone with passion and potential design publication ready products.

The scenario I created was, "Design a travel atlas for families, particularly primary/elementary school children, and make it feel like it was apart of a potential series of kids books." For this task, I put myself in the mindset of my audience and examined popular children's scientific and geographical publications. I also decided to set my location in Ouray, Colorado which allowed for a mix of physical environmental features and civic structures.

Using ArcGIS Pro, I was able to utilize a high level of detail in the cartographic manipulation of feature sets. With careful planning and structure to the design and production stage, mapped sections of data were able to be easily integrated with secondary publishing and design software, such as Microsoft Publisher and Adobe Illustrator.

Big Horn Sheep Suitable Habitat Analysis

Understanding how to manipulate the environmental factors within a GIS application is just one aspect of analysis. A well documented workflow, procedures, and organization is key to producing reliable method for designing a suitable environmental factors model.

The US National Park Service (NPS) is interested in analyzing the suitable habitat for the Bighorn Sheep within Glacier National Park. Using data provided by the NPS, analysis was preformed on different elements that were identified as key environmental factors that sustains a healthy habitat for the Bighorn Sheep. These factors include steep terrain that allows for easy escape routes, along with health vegetation and clear sight lines. Additionally, human disturbances and their interactions with roads and trails within the park were considered. Multiple models of the suitable factors were constructed of the Bighorn Sheep’s habitat, each visualizing a different element of the “Suitability Value” of the region. Spatial statics are also calculated for the suitable environments, providing detailed analysis of the slope and area. Using this information, the NPS can track and monitor the Bighorn Sheep throughout the majestic mountains of Glacier National Park.

Distance & Cost Path Analysis

Measuring distances and calculating routes is the most popular application used by the public. Understanding the methods and workflow, allows for manipulation of desired routes and paths.

Using the Distance Tools within ArcGIS Pro, I was able to conduct analysis between multiple points in an environment. By creating a fiction overlay based upon various environmental and physical factors, the Cost Path Tool can calculate the most efficient method of travel between points. Procedures and methods can be altered to suit the customers needs and requests, such as using specific roads or routes.

Hydrology Analysis

Watersheds provide important information when modeling terrain and environmental factors.

The Hydrological Toolset in ArcGIS Pro provides geoprocessing operations that allow analysis of flow accumulation and watershed basins.