Family Travel Atlas

Understanding the amount of detail and precision that can be achieved with widely available GIS software, such as ESRI's ArcGIS Pro, allows anyone with passion and potential design publication ready products.

The scenario I created was, "Design a travel atlas for families, particularly primary/elementary school children, and make it feel like it was apart of a potential series of kids books." For this task, I put myself in the mindset of my audience and examined popular children's scientific and geographical publications. I also decided to set my location in Ouray, Colorado which allowed for a mix of physical environmental features and civic structures.

Using ArcGIS Pro, I was able to utilize a high level of detail in the cartographic manipulation of feature sets. With careful planning and structure to the design and production stage, mapped sections of data were able to be easily integrated with secondary publishing and design software, such as Microsoft Publisher and Adobe Illustrator.

For digital display, third-party publishing services could be used such as ISSUU to aid in visual digital display. Although services such as these have limitations, such as built-in paid advertisements or even disabling web-embedment to free users.