Suitability Analysis

Understanding how to manipulate the environmental factors within a GIS application is just one aspect of analysis. A well documented workflow, procedures, and organization is key to producing reliable method for designing a suitable environmental factors model.

The US National Park Service (NPS) is interested in analyzing the suitable habitat for the Bighorn Sheep within Glacier National Park. Using data provided by the NPS, analysis was preformed on different elements that were identified as key environmental factors that sustains a healthy habitat for the Bighorn Sheep. These factors include steep terrain that allows for easy escape routes, along with health vegetation and clear sight lines. Additionally, human disturbances and their interactions with roads and trails within the park were considered. Multiple models of the suitable factors were constructed of the Bighorn Sheep’s habitat, each visualizing a different element of the “Suitability Value” of the region. Spatial statics are also calculated for the suitable environments, providing detailed analysis of the slope and area. Using this information, the NPS can track and monitor the Bighorn Sheep throughout the majestic mountains of Glacier National Park.

Bighorn Sheep Habitat within Glacier National Park.pdf